Who is Global Community Outreach?

Global Community Outreach (“GCO”) is a Washington nonprofit corporation that was established on September 16, 2008 for religious and human welfare purposes.  GCO works with various other groups and entities to provide assistance to various projects primarily serving the poor and disenfranchised in the Philippines.  GCO has also committed funding resources in areas such as Brazil, Slovenia and adjacent European areas, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia.  GCO has developed a wide network of community organizers and leaders, engineers, architects and contractors who have a common goal to enhance the living standards in the Philippines and in these other regions.

- Inadequate electrical power generation;

-  Inability to introduce and promote technology;

-  Water and air pollution;

-  Deteriorated river systems caused by wastes dumping;

-  Lack of adequate housing and plumbing services;

-  Infrastructure deterioration;

-  Inability to address natural disasters and landslides;

-  Destructive resource extraction;

-  Groundwater depletion;

-  Lack of coherent financial/engineering investment programs; 

    1. - Governmental and political challenges.

Some of the problems in the Philippines and other GCO funded regions are as follows: